Park(ing) Day is September 20th!

ImageThis year, MAPS has asked LAAR students to team up with us as we participate in Park(ing) Day for the first time! What is Park(ing) Day, you ask? WTMD did a piece (featuring an embarrassing snippet from an interview with MAPS president, Megan Griffith) on the event last year, in 2012, briefly describing its purpose and potential. Park(ing) Day demonstrates the value of public space, reconsidering how we devote parking space square footage to empty cars when that space could be better utilized for people.

Participants are asked to simply enjoy the day, inviting passersby to take a load off and to become engaged with a fun/funky/green pop-up parklet. It’s DIY urbanism at its greatest! 

We do need some volunteers; we’ll need folks to help set up bright and early, to engage peers as they walk through Morgan’s campus, and to help disassemble the space in time for rush hour traffic to get by.  Please note your availability using our Park(ing) Day Doodle Poll.

Want to see how awesome Park(ing) Day is? See the cool photos below from when Megan has participated in the past!







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