If We Are Lucky, New Film Could Boost Landscape Architecture

Been waiting for this film! I’m ready!


In case you missed it, actor and comedian Rob Schneider of Saturday Night Live and Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo played an uptight landscape architect in his recently canceled CBS sitcom, ¡Rob!, in which he marries younger Maggie (Claudia Bassols) and bumbles his way through trying to befriend her Mexican-American family. ¡Rob!’s Latino stereotypes are so thinly drawn you can practically see through them, and the show’s depiction of Rob Schneider as a landscape architect isn’t much better.

As a landscape designer, I didn’t expect there to be much design intrigue to the show (I watched all eight episodes, trust me, it’s not worth it). Although Rob does have an Eames chair, the same piece of trace paper sits on his drafting table all season and he never uses a computer. Maybe the writers at least visited a professor’s office or read the Wikipedia page about landscape architects before they…

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