What IS a Better Baltimore?

The Warnock Foundation is launching the Baltimore Social Innovation Journal. They’d like your input!

“In less than 100 words, we want you to share your idea for a better Baltimore with us. How would you solve poverty? Tackle education? Erase the scourge of drugs from our communities?”

Technically, it’s 500 characters (including spaces) or less, not 100 words. But submit your idea and you could win.

Back in September, they asked Baltimoreans what they thought about the future of their city. I started thinking, what would I say….here’s what I came up with

What’s a better Baltimore look like? A better Baltimore is sustainable and resilient, it’s lasting yet adaptable. A better Baltimore confronts social challenges, climate change, and environmental degradation and declares, “Not in our house!” A better Baltimore knows this is no easy battle. To be successful requires strong partnerships—between government and people, economy and environment, society and nature. No longer can it be one and the other; instead, we are one, together. A better Baltimore? I’ll tell you one thing: we’re already on our way. You, me, her, him…US. We know how to do this. Together, we are Baltimore.

The future of Baltimore must be sustainable, equitable, and just. To be so requires that we come out of our homes, out of isolation. We must reunite with our neighbors and our environment. We need to see the government as our united voice, and so we must therefore let our own voices be heard. More importantly, we must hear each other. At the same time, we must give voices to those who are not easily heard. From future generations, not yet present on this Earth, to the speechless flora and fauna of our great City. We must give a voice to them. We need to fight environmental degradation and be stewards of the land, stewards of our communities and of our City. A better Baltimore cannot be achieved alone; nor can it be better for only a few. The future of Baltimore must be better for all of us— today, tomorrow, and always.




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