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MAPS Interest Meeting

Calling All Student Planners and anyone that is Interested

MAPS general meeting will be held every 3rd Thursday of each month. The next meeting will be move because of the adjustment of the PDI which is November 19,  2015





The MAPS 2014 PDI was a success!

Phew! What a great morning! Before 1pm, I was energized from hearing an accomplished alumni remind me why I’ve chosen this profession; I had discussed with a planning consultant how I to prepare now for my interest in eventually consulting; I spoke with a career adviser about optimizing my resume; I listened to the principal at a leading local landscape architecture firm talk about using my skills as a planner to fit in wherever I can find an opening; I received pointers for acing the interview process; I probed recent graduates about life after grad school; and I had a blast networking with my peers and with local professionals.

All thanks to the MAPS 2014 Professional Development Institute!

We at MAPS don’t like to toot our own horns, but we think we did a pretty darn impressive job with the first PDI. And we’re confident that the event can only improve from here as the succeeding MAPS leadership will embrace the event!

If you missed it, we’re seeing if speakers would be willing to share their powerpoints or allow me to upload a recording of their sessions. Megan also has some remaining resources from Morgan’s Center for Career Development. Let us know if you’re interested!

Check out the photos below!















APA Student Representative Council

The APA is now accepting nominations to the Student Representatives Council. If any students are interested in becoming a national leader during the 2014-2015 cycle, you are encouraged to apply. Marie Patane Curtis is our Region 2 representative. If you have any questions about this position, please do not hesitate to contact her at

Park(ing) Day : Success!

Park(ing) Day was a huge success yesterday, and by far the most enjoyable Park(ing) Day in which I’ve participated (I’ve done three!). This was a bold new step for the MSU Planning program; not only were we trying to coordinate our first organized MAPS event, but we were also partnering with students from the Landscape Architecture Program — the first time we’ve done so since I’ve been a student here!

Despite only having a month to plan, I think we pulled it off! We were able to talk to students about who we were, the CBEIS programs, and the purpose of Park(ing) Day. Best of all, everyone walked away safely and, I think, with a few new friends!

Thanks to the SA+P for funding the purchase of some greenery, our “park” was able to attract pollinating bees and butterflies within minutes — and they didn’t want to leave! Also, thanks to Shaun Blake for pulling some strings to have Sabra Hummus come provide snacks for everyone.

Next year, we could make it even better: invite an ice cream vendor, prepare for more shade, and maybe bring some jersey walls! Thank you to everyone who helped out and participated! I had a blast and hope you did, too!

Until next time!
Megan Griffith

Special thanks to…
Our LAAR Coordinator:
Laura Stella

Our participants: Raven Thompsan (CREP), Jasmine Jones (CREP), Kathleen Hayes (LAAR), Ralph Harper (Undergrad. Arch.), Sasha Reamer (LAAR), Brian Hartwyk (LAAR), Hadley Joseph (LAAR), Paul Voos (LAAR Chair)

Assistance from: Brian Stansbury (CBEIS Woodshop) for lending us traffic cones, “countries of the world” boxes, and colorful tarps; Brent “Fig” Figlestahler (LAAR) for helping us transport those boxes to the site; Drew Rojek (LAAR) for helping us get those boxes back home; and Evan Richardson for all the suffering that we put him through!