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The 2019 PDI Committee

MAPS members are grad students who actively want to socialize!

Membership Benefits:

Come join us on a weekend field trip

  • Join us for quarterly meetings over happy hour where we share our collective ideas on the CREP curriculum and plan student networking opportunities;
  • Join fellow graduate students on on-and-off campus meetups and field trips;
  • Help organize the yearly Professional Development panel;
  • Grab a shoulder to lean on, and an open set of ears for your schooling experience; and
  • Get the inside-scoop on CBEIS with SAP faculty and staff;

Membership Perks:

Let’s do happy hour! Tour a winery or brewery with us. Pitch your ideas!
  • Get introduced to the Maryland Emerging Planners Group;
  • Borrow tech we store in the lockers or brew a cup of coffee or tea from our locker stash before class.
  • Furthermore, your $10 yearly contribution helps us build a fundraising base for the Planning Resource Room in CBEIS 364.

(View our Membership Powerpoint if you’re feeling nerdy).

Three Simple Steps to Become a Member

  1. E-mail us with a sentence or two of who you are and what interests you. Please fill out our mailing list for happy hours and SAP event reminders; then
  2. We’ll reach out to you to give you a cumulative walkthrough of area Planning Resources. Then when you have time,
  3. Give your $10 contribution to one of our board members, contribute online via Paypal (open in new window) or drop-off a closed envelope to Dr. Sanders-Thach’s mailbox in the SAP office (or slip under her office door). Your MAPS membership also includes membership to the APA Maryland Chapter Emerging Planners Group.
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We also welcome leadership positions, since each year, students graduate and of course, enter the program!


MSU City + Regional Planning Program

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