MAPS Constitution and ByLaws

MAPS Constitution and ByLaws can be found here.

Interested in getting involved? Become a member, an at-large member, or an officer! Positions are described here.

Our Mission is to:

  1. Encourage extracurricular interaction between students, faculty, and alumni through a variety of social and intellectual activities.
  2. Enhance graduate education by introducing opportunities for professional development in the field of city and regional planning.
  3. Create awareness of, and assist students in, professional employment.
  4. Expand inter-departmental relations for students enrolled in programs of the School of Architecture + Planning and for the respective student organizations in the Architecture and Landscape Architecture programs.
  5. Encourage student membership in the American Planning Association (APA) and provide student assistance to the APA-Maryland Chapter.
  6. Encourage and actively promote student participation in civic, community, social, and environmental concerns.
  7. Serve as an advocacy group for City and Regional Planning (CREP) Students and a voice to the department.


Like what you see? Get Involved and become a member!












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MSU City + Regional Planning Program

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