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MAPS is a graduate student-run organization within the School of Architecture and Planning. As such, graduate students’ academic careers span 2 or more years as they choose which courses to pursue each semester over the course of the CREP Program. Some are full-time students while many are part-time students working in a variety of fields–all with one eye: becoming a Planner.

That means that each semester you’re likely to meet new students as well as those with whom you started.  Since MAPS meets quarterly as needed, we recommend staying up-to-date using social media:

Let’s do happy hour! Tour a winery or brewery with us. Pitch your ideas!


We meet a couple times per semester where we share our collective ideas on the CREP curriculum, student networking opportunities (SAP events, happy hours, BYOB field trips, etc.), and we also share  recommendations for CBEIS with SAP faculty and staff. While we aren’t strict on member dues, if you’d like to become a leader and want to help us build a fundraising base for the Planning Resource Room in CBEIS, please click here to become a member!

We also welcome at-large members and board members/officers! Roles/positions are described here.

Contact us to get better involved.



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