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MAPS PDI this upcoming Saturday!

Resume—check! Notebook—check! Can-do attitude—check! Are YOU ready for the MAPS PDI on Saturday? If you haven’t done so already, be sure to register online.

Tentative Agenda

9:00-9:50 : Registration, Welcome and Breakfast

9:50-10:00: Break

10:00-10:30: Session 1

  1. Cindy Foster, Adventures in Job Hunting
  2. Jim Palma, Public Versus Private Sector Planning
  3. Christopher Jakubiak, Insights from a Planning Consultant

10:30-:10:40: Session Break

10:40-11:10 : Session 2

  1.  Cindy Foster, What is the Secret to a Great Interview
  2. Jacquelyn Seneschal, New Planners and AICP
  3. James Potter, (Name TBD; Topic: having flexible career plans and learning the planning process)

11:10-11:20: Session Break

11:20-11:50: Session 3

  1. Tom McGilloway, Make the Job Hunt Worthwhile (A Perspective for Planners)
  2. Aaron Teeter, Job Hunting for Recent Landscape Architecture Graduates
  3. Travis Pate, Project Development: From Start to Finish

11:50-12:00: Session Break

12:00-1:00: Wrap-Up and Lunch

  • 12:00-12:30: Panel Discussion with Morgan Alumni and Lauren Good from the YPG!
  • 12:00-1:00: Networking Open House


 Special thanks to one of our sponsors, SAMs Club in Timonium!

15 Texas Station Ct.  |  Timonium, MD 21093


MAPS Fall 2013 Budget Available for Viewing

MAPS Fall 2013 Budget Available for Viewing

The MAPS Fall 2013 Budget is available for viewing online. After our first semester, we have yet to recover the expenses of some of our events. We continue to strive to increase our available funding. Support from our membership in fundraising activities is crucial.

As we prepare for MAPS board elections, we will be looking for a new treasurer. Please inquire with Megan as to the details surrounding this position.


Park(ing) Day : Success!

Park(ing) Day was a huge success yesterday, and by far the most enjoyable Park(ing) Day in which I’ve participated (I’ve done three!). This was a bold new step for the MSU Planning program; not only were we trying to coordinate our first organized MAPS event, but we were also partnering with students from the Landscape Architecture Program — the first time we’ve done so since I’ve been a student here!

Despite only having a month to plan, I think we pulled it off! We were able to talk to students about who we were, the CBEIS programs, and the purpose of Park(ing) Day. Best of all, everyone walked away safely and, I think, with a few new friends!

Thanks to the SA+P for funding the purchase of some greenery, our “park” was able to attract pollinating bees and butterflies within minutes — and they didn’t want to leave! Also, thanks to Shaun Blake for pulling some strings to have Sabra Hummus come provide snacks for everyone.

Next year, we could make it even better: invite an ice cream vendor, prepare for more shade, and maybe bring some jersey walls! Thank you to everyone who helped out and participated! I had a blast and hope you did, too!

Until next time!
Megan Griffith

Special thanks to…
Our LAAR Coordinator:
Laura Stella

Our participants: Raven Thompsan (CREP), Jasmine Jones (CREP), Kathleen Hayes (LAAR), Ralph Harper (Undergrad. Arch.), Sasha Reamer (LAAR), Brian Hartwyk (LAAR), Hadley Joseph (LAAR), Paul Voos (LAAR Chair)

Assistance from: Brian Stansbury (CBEIS Woodshop) for lending us traffic cones, “countries of the world” boxes, and colorful tarps; Brent “Fig” Figlestahler (LAAR) for helping us transport those boxes to the site; Drew Rojek (LAAR) for helping us get those boxes back home; and Evan Richardson for all the suffering that we put him through!