Meet MAPS Officers

President and APA Student Representative

Wendy McGee-Preti
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Vice President Arco Sen

MAPS Photo

Arco is a second year graduate student at undertaking the City and Regional Planning program. Previously, Arco received a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Studies from Towson University. He is currently now working in the private sector concentrating on economic development. Some days can be rough for Arco but he is always persistent. “There are days when I feel super drained, but I know if I just stick to it, the payoff will be worth it in the end.”

Director of the MAPS Emerging Professionals Institute-Latisha JohnsonCommunity and Economic Development specialization 

 LJ PicLatisha Johnson is a graduate student in the City and Regional Planning program at Morgan State University. Her goal is to help communities achieve economic, social, and transportation equity by advocating minority involvement in the planning process. Originally from North Carolina, Latisha holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.  Her interests are in Transportation Planning, GIS, and Economic Development.  Currently Latisha works for a transportation planning firm and previously interned at Maryland Transit Administration through the MSU/MDOT Graduate Internship Program.


Treasurer-Kiara Sizemore, Historic Preservation Specialization

Kiara Sizemore Bio Picture

Kiara is completing her final semester in the City & Regional Planning Masters Program at Morgan State University. Her passion has always been Historic Preservation and how to make historic buildings relevant for future generations to appreciate. With a Bachelors of Science in Architecture & Environmental Design from Morgan State University, she is able to take on any issue with design in mind.Having interned with Baltimore Heritage, Inc. she is ready to provide solutions for Baltimore’s vacant row-houses. Her professional project is entitled: Preserve or Pulverize? Options for Baltimore City’s Historic Row houses. Aside from her education, she is a die-hard Washington Redskins fan.

Chair of Social Media & Communications- Kevin Flournoy 

kevin grad pic

Kevin Flournoy is originally from Detroit,MI, he developed a passion for planning when he graduated from Michigan State and seen how the city has change since he was child. Kevin is now in his last year in the City and Regional Planning program at Morgan State University after graduation Kevin will return to this home city to redeveloped communities in the city of Detroit.

Faculty Advisor – Dr. Tonya N. Sanders


Tonya Nashay Sanders, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in City and Regional Planning at Morgan State University. Before coming to Morgan, Dr. Sanders was a part-time lecturer at Loyola University Chicago. Her overall research examines community revitalization through the venue of faith-based organizations. Presently, her research examines how faith-based organizations can engage in community and economic development through cross-sector partnerships. She earned her doctorate in Urban Planning and Policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago, a master’s degree in Community Psychology and Social Change from the Pennsylvania State University, and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Truman State University. Tonya Nashay Sanders is an Assistant Professor in City and Regional Planning at Morgan State University. She is an active member of Planners of Color Interest Group and has served on. Morgan Association of Planning Students.





MAPS is looking for a few dedicated individuals who can act as committee chairs and help with outreach, career development, volunteer opportunities, and more. This is a wonderful way to demonstrate your planning skills, develop your professional experience and maximize your professional networking opportunities!

The MAPS term of office extends from July to June. Officers are expected to serve in their position for the entire year, and assist incoming officers before they leave. Students at any stage in their education are welcome to join.

If you believe you have the enthusiasm that it takes to be a part of the MAPS Executive Team, please send an email to 


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